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Unicor Hightech Co.,Ltd

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UNICOR’s Smart Technology for smarter life,

Adding smart function & IoT(Internet of things) to the existing digital door lock, this is cutting-edge technology operation platform, which allows you to control door lock with your smart phone conveniently & safely.

The history of lock reaches thousands of years.

In the door lock market where nothing is new anymore, we, Unicor, would like to show what the true smart door lock is.
Maintaining safety & security, we will keep devote ourselves to make the world safe by providing more powerful & more convenient Unicor smart door lock.


●Smart KeyWe
- Based on the location tracking system, the door opens automatically when you approach the door lock with your smartphone.
-Feel unsafe with your door opening automatically? Try the Magic Touch function. When you touch your door lock with your smartphone, the door opens.

●Easy invitation
-Use the app to easily invite your family, friends or guests. You can set up a date and time as you wish. No need to share your PIN or password anymore.

●Real-time push alarm
-Ever worried whether your kids arrived home safely on their own? Unicor informs you in real-time. Get push notifications when your family gets home.

●Entry/Access record checks
-The safety of your home starts with your door. You can check the record of who has entered the house and when for the past two months.

●Smart Door Lock
-Door lock battery alarm, one-off password for visitors, location-based automatic door opening - The unique functions that you cant find anywhere but on Unicor.

●Multiple doors with one app
-My house, my parents’ home, and the office - simply control multiple door locks with Unicor app.

●Easy registration
-Experience the smart world with an easy registration. With no complicated process needed, the registration is completed within seconds simply through QR codes scanning.

We always try to develop much smarter Unicor platform.
Dont hesitate to email us if you have any questions anytime.
It will help us to make better App and Device.